Thrift Style August Recap

Hello, friends, and Happy Labor Day to my U.S. readers!  I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend!  I am having a great day so far.  My mom and I went for a walk around the Bolsa Chica Wetlands this morning, did some cooking this afternoon (fresh potato salad for dinner – yum!), and tonight we’re going to be roasting weenies over the firepit in our backyard!

I have had a really relaxing day and I am feeling so refreshed and recharged, ready to set goals, accomplish tasks and pretty much own the month of September like a boss!  Get ready for some good stuff!  ;)


Before I attack my To-Do List, however, I wanted to share a quick retrospective on this past month and my very first Instagram challenge: Thrift Style August.  Conceived of by the ever-stylish Zhenya of Being Zhenya, Thrift Style August was a super fun, month-long challenge to wear ensembles based on the daily theme or prompt featuring thrifted items.

I was actually a little nervous for this challenge, since it was my first time doing an Instagram challenge, and I have never been good about posting to Instagram on a daily basis.  As the challenge went on, however, I found it surprisingly easy to put together outfits wearing all of my favorite thrifted clothing and accessories.

Looking back, I am glad I won’t have to post to Instagram everyday, but this challenge was a ton of fun and it has totally encouraged me to post to Instagram more often.  If you follow me on Instagram, then you might already have seen my fun recap slideshow (if not, you can follow me here – or check out my links on the sidebar)!

Anyway, enough chatter, here are my personal favorites from the past month!


As always, thanks for reading!  Love, Kristi :)




Prairie Girl in Fringe Boots | Thrift Style Thursday

Hello, friends, and Happy Thursday!  As soon as I saw the theme – “Fabulous Fringe” – for today’s Thrift Style Thursday, I thought immediately of these vintage leather moccasin boots with fringe trim.  Perfect, right??


I like to think of this look as “Little House on the Prairie meets Dances with Wolves,” a sort of home on the range chic, although I’m not sure Laura Ingalls Wilder and Kevin Costner would make a very attractive baby….  That thought aside, I am totally loving my newly refashioned top!


And, about that walking stick.  It was a gift from Derek’s mom – we have matching hand-carved wood walking sticks, because outdoors.  Hahaha I really wish I had a good reason for this walking stick other than that it is gorgeous and has a really awesome wolf engraved on it, and it just kinda went with this outfit.  Right?


I am also very clearly loving the sun flare effect from the early morning sunlight.  It makes me feel all glow-y – which definitely helps when I am not wearing any makeup again!

Anyway, more about the outfit: these boots were an old pair that was in our family costume box for as long as I can remember.  They were my father’s so they’re a bit big on me, and they definitely aren’t in mint condition, but I think that’s what makes them pretty cool.


The details: prairie blouse (refashion from thrifted dress) // dark skinny, skinny jeans (H&M “Squins” thrifted) // vintage moccasin boots (hand-me-down) // turquoise stud earrings (gift) // red seed bead bracelet (gift) // other boho bracelets (old)


I cannot wait to see what my fellow thrifty gal pals have come up with for today’s “Fabulous Fringe” theme!  Make sure you check out their posts below:

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As always, thanks for reading!  Love & fringe, Kristi ;)



DIY Dress-to-Top Refashion

Hello, friends!  I am very excited to be bringing you another refashion tutorial, especially as I have been trying to get back to sewing more often and I feel like I am fiiiiinallly starting to get back into the swing of things!


As you can see, I started with a fairly simple, but rather dowdy dress, and ended up with a cute, Prairie-style top.  I found the dress at a local thrift store, tried it on as a whim, and fell in love with the neckline with its fun buttons and piping trim.  I knew, however, that it just wouldn’t work on me as a dress – it looked like a little old lady’s nightie – so the bottom half had to go.

Luckily this refashion couldn’t be any easier!  If you decide to try this at home, here’s what you’ll need:

  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • thread (& coordinating bobbin)
  • chalk or regular pencil
  • iron
  • sewing pins (optional)
  • seam gauge (optional)


Since this dress had pockets that were just going to get in the way of my soon-to-be top, I decided to remove those first.  I started by turning the dress inside out, making sure it was flat and smooth, and then pinning the pockets closed so they wouldn’t shift while I sewed.  To sew them closed, I simply followed the side seam line already sewn into the dress (you can clearly see the seam line in the photo above).  Once the pockets were sewn closed, I just cut ‘em right off!


Next up, I needed to decide where I wanted my new shirt hem to fall.  To do this, I simply tried the dress on inside out and marked with a pin on the front and a pin on the back where I wanted the shirt to end.  **I used a pin in front and in back because I decided to make a slight dip hem, so I knew my hem was going to be slightly longer in the back than in the front.


Then, I took the dress off, folded it in half lengthwise (so the side seams met in the middle) and laid it flat on my work table.  I wanted to make sure my hem was symmetrical, so folding it in half ensured that the side seams would end up an even length, while allowing me to draw my dip hem to whatever shape I wanted.  (I drew over the chalk line in Photoshop so it would be more visible in the photo!)


Since the chalk line marked where I wanted my shirt to fall while wearing it, I knew that I needed to add two inches of seam allowance for folding the hem under and sewing.  I used my seam gauge to help me cut two inches down from my chalk line (but you can easily use a regular ruler).


After cutting the bottom half of the dress off, you can easily see the fun dip hem line I created for my new top!  At this point, I decided to try my almost-finished top on to make sure it was looking how I wanted.  I’m glad I did because I realized that I wanted the hem just a teensy bit longer.  Since I couldn’t easily add the fabric I just cut off back on, I decided to make the hem a little smaller instead (1/2 inch instead of a full 1 inch).

Which brings me to the next step, preparing your hem.  I grabbed my iron (and handy tabletop ironing board) and used my seam gauge once again to measure, fold and iron a 1/2 inch seam.  I folded and ironed 1/2 inch from the bottom all the way around the top and then folded another 1/2 inch and ironed all the way around again – this encases the raw edge of the fabric, allowing for a clean and neat hem.


Once my hem looked straight and neat, I added a few pins just to keep everything in place while I sewed.  Then, I sewed a 1/2 inch seam all the way around my hem and – voila! – my new top was finished!


I absolutely love my newly refashioned prairie top!  I especially love the way the dip hem ever-so-slightly bells out at the bottom, making it look almost like a swing top.  As you can see, this refashion is extremely easy and simple, the perfect project for a beginner!  It really is just adding a new hem and closing up some pockets, if the dress even has any pockets.

What do you think?  Are you ready to transform an old dress into a fabulous new top??

As always, thanks for reading!  Love, Kristi :)