I’m a DIY Fashionista on Cut Out + Keep!

Hello, friends!  I have some exciting news to share: I am currently being featured as the latest “DIY Fashionista” on the popular craft site Cut Out + Keep!


I am so excited to be featured among such a cool, crafty and fabulous group of ladies!  You can read the full interview here.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend, and don’t forget we’re posting our #MonthlyMani this Wednesday if you want to participate!!

As always, thanks for reading!  Love, Kristi :)


Just Be You | Thrift Style Thursday

Hello, friends!  Today, we’re gonna get real.  Today, I’m not wearing any makeup.  I’m not wearing any accessories, not even a pair of shoes, just some clothes (because while I’m all for transparency, nudity on the internet is just not my jam).


The theme for today’s Thrift Style Thursday is “Denim Rebel,” but I honestly couldn’t think of anything to wear, aside, of course, from denim.  You see, I’m not much of a rebel.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a goody-two-shoes, either, but, lately, I’ve had a bit of an issue with labels.

What am I categorized as?  A hipster?  Probably.  Preppy?  Eh, not so much.  Bohemian?  I doubt it.  A rebel??  I side with the rebels in Star Wars, does that count?  What does it all mean, anyway, and, more importantly, what does it matter?  I’m me.  Isn’t that enough?  I think it is.  So, for today’s post, I’m just gonna be me.


No makeup, no touch-up’s, no airbrushing or filters.  Nada.

I have a red nose (I’ve been spending A LOT of time in the sun lately), and freckles, and spots on my chin and a few on my forehead.  I have a big crooked tooth right in front that I usually hide for photos by smiling with my lips sealed.  Sometimes it sticks out anyway.  I don’t usually post those photos online.  But out in the real world?  I actually only wear makeup about 50% of the time, and I always smile my biggest, most genuine smile, because that’s who I am.  So why not go au natural right here on my blog?


The details: bleached denim shirt (GAP Outlet, less than $5!!) // dark skinny jeans (H&M, thrifted via Goodwill) // white racerback tank (Forever 21, old) // pale blue sports bra (Forever 21)


Yikes, those close-up’s were scary.  But the older I get, the more I just don’t care.  I’m not perfect, no one is, but it’s my flaws that make me unique, that give me character.  And before you say that I “have great skin” or that I’m “naturally pretty,”  let me counter by saying that you are too!  Yes, you, each and every one of you is absolutely beautiful in your own amazing, stunning, wonderful way.  Own it!


Alright, now it’s your turn – what do you love about yourself??  Fess up, I wanna know what makes you beautiful!

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As always, thanks for reading!  Love, Kristi :)


PS. Don’t forget you can vote for next month’s Thrift Style Thursday themes here!



Weekend Catch-Up & #MonthlyMani August Theme!

Hello, friends!  I just thought I’d post a quick weekend update, and announce our theme for this month’s #MonthlyMani.  Are you ready?  It’s a good one.  The theme is…….

Romance in Blooom!


The theme was suggested by Sistas from Cali because August is “National Romance Awareness Month” in the U.S.  I am super excited to see what everyone comes up with for this theme, because it can be interpreted in so many different ways!

Last month’s theme was “Ice Cream” – here’s my Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough inspired mani, in case you missed it!  Don’t forget that we post on the 3rd Wednesday of every month, so this month that will be next week on August 20th!  There’s plenty of time to join in, just drop me a line or comment below if you’re interested!  (All you have to do is paint your nails according to the theme, post on the 20th and link to the other participants.)

2014-08-08 11.01.21

In other nail polish related news, I just got this beautiful lilac shade on Thursday and I have absolutely been loving it on my nails!  Lucky for me, my weekend started early because I had Friday off, so I started my day with a quick manicure.

The rest of the day was spent with my boyfriend, Derek, at the O.C. Fair.  It was a beautiful day and we had a ton of fun meeting up with friends and eating lots of yummy fair food, including deep fried pineapple, which was delicious!  (Fridays at the fair are “sample days” so most food booths have $2 samples – we ate a lot, yum!).

We also love checking out all of the exhibit halls and the animals every year.  This year they had a butterfly garden where you could feed butterflies nectar and they would land on your hair, clothes, hats and the little Q-tips they provided.  It was so cool!

2014-08-08 13.37.222014-08-08 14.47.442014-08-08 14.49.412014-08-08 14.59.052014-08-08 16.36.412014-08-08 16.37.32

Isn’t that pheasant gorgeous?!  We ended the night at the fair watching the Demolition Derby Damsels of Destruction – those chicks are awesome!  After all of the excitement, walking and fried food at the fair on Friday, I was pretty tired on Saturday.  Luckily, I didn’t have much planned.  I watched my nephews for a couple hours in the morning while my sister got her hair done and ran an errand, and then Derek and I had an easy afternoon at work and some couch and T.V. time in the evening.

My nephews are getting so big and so cute!  I convinced them to take a little snooze before their mom came home!  ;)

My nephews are getting so big and so cute! I convinced them to take a little snooze before their mom came home! ;)

Sunday ended up being another fun-filled day.  It started early in the morning with paddle boarding / kayaking in Huntington Harbor with Derek.  The water was beautiful and I am really enjoying my new stand up paddle board.  After getting home and cleaning up, I spent the afternoon shopping with my mom.  I found a gorgeous pair of Kork-Ease sandals on clearance at Nordstrom Rack that I just couldn’t resist.  I have been looking for something just like these all summer and I am so glad I finally found them and decided to buy them – I am in love!

Then Derek called and told me we were invited to dinner at Benihana with some family friends.  I quickly changed into a cute dress, threw on my new sandals and grabbed my bag.  It was a fun, and delicious, dinner out – such a treat!  After dinner, Derek and I decided to walk around a local shopping center where I spent the last of my H&M gift card money and got two cute tops.

2014-08-11 07.57.54

My weekend haul – 2 tops from H&M and Kork-Ease sandals

I had a great weekend, it was the perfect mix between fun, relaxation and quality time with family and friends.  I feel refreshed and ready for the week ahead.  How about you?  How was your weekend??

As always, thanks for reading!  Love, Kristi :)