Summer on Pinterest

Hello, friends!  I just got back from a long week at a HUGE expo in Las Vegas, Nevada; it was a ton of work, but everything went really well.  I came back exhausted, but ready to get back into working on my blog and all of my projects that I want to accomplish.  And then, I realized that I left my camera at the studio and couldn’t photograph anything – ahhhh!  Oh well, I will hopefully be getting my camera back today or tomorrow.  In the meantime, I didn’t want to leave you hanging, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite pins from Pinterest!


There has been a ton of cute outfit inspiration for summer and even fall (already!) that has me excited to get dressed and try new outfits!  I have also been prowling through Pinterest and finding TONS of beautiful quilts that I want to try – my plan is to make a new quilt for my bed since I can’t find anything in stores that I really love (that is a reasonable price, that is).  And, of course, I can’t get through summer without a touch of wanderlust and a longing to go camping, anytime, anywhere.

What has been inspiring you so far this summer??

As always, thanks for reading!  Love, Kristi :)


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Staycation: San Juan Capistrano Mission

Hello, friends!  I am out of town this week, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to share my mini day trip to the San Juan Capistrano Mission last week.  My mom, my brother’s girlfriend, Jessica, and myself decided to spend the day in south Orange County.  First, we hit up the Carlsbad outlet mall, grabbed some lunch and did a little shopping.  Next, we headed back up to San Juan Capistrano to visit the historic mission, the highlight of our staycation.

As I am sure every California-native knows, the California Missions are a huge part of our state history, and the San Juan Capistrano Mission is no exception.  Beautiful flowers fill up the gardens while Monarch butterflies flutter on ocean breezes amid the remains of the massive stone and timber buildings.  Full of rich and interesting history and a beautiful place to visit, I highly recommend it to anyone in the area or anyone passing through!


I hope you enjoyed my trip to the mission as much as I did, and, as always, thanks for reading!  Love, Kristi :)


I’m on Confessions of a Refashionista!

Hello, friends!  I am so excited to share that the lovely and fabulous Sheri is featuring me on her blog, Confessions of a Refashionista, today!  She has a brand new series called “Totally Smitten With” and I am honored to be in the spotlight today.

You can read the full article here!

Kristi-and-Sheri(PS. Sheri and I totally look alike!  Well, Sheri in her 20’s anyway… ;))

I hope you guys check it out, Sheri did an amazing job of making me sound good haha!  And while you’re at it, you should definitely peruse Sheri’s stylish, thrifty and informative blog!

As always, thanks for reading!  Love, Kristi :)