Hiking Mount Baldy

Hello, friends!  I went on a fun adventure this past weekend to Mt Baldy, the highest peak in the San Gabriel Mountains, and therefore, the highest peak in the area where I live.  The mountain itself is actually called Mount San Antonio, but the village and ski area are known as Mount Baldy, and that’s what everyone in the area calls it (so there).  Anyway, Derek and I were invited to tag along on a fun breakfast and hike with his godmother and husband this past Saturday and we quickly accepted.

We started off with a drive out to the mountain and up to the small ski village of Mt Baldy.  From there we took a short ski lift ride up to the base of the peaks where the Top of the Notch restaurant sits overlooking the valley and the cities below.  It was a chilly early-morning ride up the ski lift, but once we made it out of the shade and into the sun, it was warm and gorgeous.  We ate a quick breakfast and then started our hike to one of the lower peaks – the highest peak stands at over 10,000 ft. elevation (approx. 3,000 ft. elevation climb from the restaurant) and is a much more strenuous hike than any of us were ready for, so we decided to tackle a smaller 1,000 ft. elevation 1.5 mile hike to Thunder Mountain instead.

In this map you can see the hike itself from the restaurant to the peak we chose, as well as the ski lifts at the base (on the left) as well.

If you click on this map, you can see the hike itself from the restaurant to the peak we chose, as well as where the ski lifts are at the base (on the left) and the little canyon they travel up to the top.

It was a gorgeous day and a really fun hike – not too strenuous but enough of a workout that we were pretty beat afterwards.  The best part was being able to relax and ride the ski lift back down to the parking lot after our hike haha!  I took a million pictures, and it was tough to narrow it down, so sorry in advance for the photo overload.  ;)

Taking the ski lift up to the restaurant.

Taking the ski lift up to the restaurant.

Giant pine cones!

Giant pine cones!

(Can you tell I was freezing?)

(Can you tell I was freezing?)

The view from the restaurant.

The view from the restaurant.

I don't know much geology, but these shiny rocks were pretty! ;)

I don’t know much geology, but these shiny rocks were pretty! ;)


Almost to the top!

Almost to the top!


We made it!  :)

We made it! :)


It was really neat hiking up to the one of the ski lifts and imaging the ground all covered in snow during the winter with skiers and snowboarders all around.  Sadly, we’ve had such a bad dry season and we’re in the middle of such a nasty drought that it was hard to imagine there being enough moisture and cold weather for snow.  Still, it was a beautiful day and I can’t wait to go back and attempt the summit!

Have you been on any fun, local adventures in your area?  Do tell!!

As always, thanks for reading!  Love & ski lift rides, Kristi :)


Sporty Chic | Thrift Style Thursday

Hello, friends!  Hey, did ya know I’m sporty chic??  I just have to admit that following fashion trends lately has been totally amusing to me because, well, we can now apparently wear sweatpants in public and call it “sporty,” or, you know, just wear beat up jeans and a t-shirt and call it normcore…  What?  I have no idea what my look today would really be categorized as – perhaps sporty with a touch of normcore and a dash of tomboy (is that still a thing??) – but I don’t really care because it is comfortable and I like it.


For today’s sporty look, I opted for something that you are very likely to see me wearing on a day-to-day basis: jeans, a sporty tank top and some tennis shoes.  I threw the windbreaker around my waist because it was actually chilly that morning (not as a fashion statement, although the neon pink trim does match my pink shoes).


The top is actually a boy’s tank top I thrifted for less than $3 and the polka dot jeans were thrifted as well for only $4.50.  The tennis shoes, while still a good deal, were a lot more expensive.  They are the Nike Free Flyknit barefoot running shoes that I got at a Nike Factory Store for only $65 (these puppies retail for $130), and I would pay that $65 again in a heartbeat because these are the most comfortable running shoes I have ever owned!  Seriously.


Polka dot jeans and pink Nike’s – yeah, this girl screams tough!  ;)  (Also, what face am I making??)

The details: stripe pocket tank (Goodwill) // polka dot jeans (Goodwill) // neon green windbreaker (New Balance via Burlington Coat Factory) // Nike Free Flyknit running shoes (Nike Factory Store)


How do you feel about the sporty chic trend?  I have to admit I totally love the idea, but I have yet to find a pair of “joggers,” or, you know, sweatpants, that I would actually feel comfortable wearing outside of the house.

Let’s see what my fellow Thrift Style Thursday pals came up with for their sporty chic looks:

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And don’t forget that anyone can join in on the Thrift Style Thursday fun!  Our themes for the rest of the month are “Pinterest Inspired” for October 23 and “Halloween” for October 3oth – check out our Facebook Group and be sure to let us know if you’re joining in on the fun!

As always, thanks for reading!  Love & Nike’s, Kristi :)


#ThinkPink Ombre Nails | #MonthlyMani October

Hello, friends!  As you are probably aware, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the U.S. and there are so many wonderful companies and organizations helping to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research every year through various campaigns.  Cancer affects millions of individuals across the globe, and though breast cancers is just one form, the progress made researching breast cancer has helped create progress across the entire field.  To learn more, I recommend checking out cancer.org.

To help raise awareness in our own little corner of the internet, this month’s #MonthlyMani theme is Think Pink!


After seeing all of the fantastic ombre manicures on Pinterest and from the other ladies participating in #MonthlyMani’s, I decided I had to try one for myself.  I started with a soft nude pink base and then layered on a mix of the nude and a darker pink shade.  Most tutorials suggest using a makeup sponge, but I was afraid that would be way too big and messy, so I tried a clean eyeshadow brush instead (and, also, I didn’t have any makeup sponges!).


I allowed each layer to dry and then applied my favorite glossy pink top coat and – voila! – a beautiful, ombre manicure!  I have to admit, I surprised myself with how great this turned out and I cannot wait to try it again with more color combinations, maybe even adding more hues.


Unfortunately, I only got so many pictures outside in the garden before I got distracted by the sunshine and lavender and buzzing bees, so, uh, enjoy some garden photos at the end of this post haha!  Before you do, however, be sure to check out the rest of the #MonthlyMani crew to see what stunning creations they came up with for #ThinkPink:

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As promised, pretty garden flowers, bright California sunshine and even a little bee!  Thanks for reading!  Love & a bee, Kristi :)


(Hey, if I can’t enjoy some cool fall weather, then at least I can gloat a little about the California sun, right??  ;))