#AerieReal – American Eagle’s Real Woman Campaign

Hello, friends!  I don’t know how many of you are American Eagle fans or customers, but if you read my blog, it should be no secret that I wear American Eagle clothing.  Their jeans fit, their accessories are adorable and I absolutely love their Aerie bras and underwear.  So, when I received the following email about their newest campaign, I knew I had to share.


American Eagle has decided to launch a new campaign showing models of all shapes and sizes, making their brand more relatable to customers who also come in all shapes and sizes.  You can go to the Aerie page on American Eagle’s site (here) and browse their bra collection by your cup size, seeing bras that you might want to purchase on a model of the same cup size, giving you a better idea of how that bra might fit and look on you.  Here are some examples:


Of course, these women are working models, but they are models who most likely would not be hired for lingerie ads or runways because they do not fit the current industry image.  But, my favorite part about this new campaign is that none of these photos are airbushed!  You will see tan lines, scars, tattoos – all of the real “imperfections” that these women, and ALL women, have.  It is so refreshing to see models not only with curves, but with real bodies.  I actually got excited when I saw one of the models with a patch of dry skin on her arm because, guess what, I get dry skin patches on my arms, too!

American Eagle’s new #AerieReal campaign was featured on Good Morning America, as well.  For more info, here’s the clip:

I think the unrealistic expectations placed on women’s bodies has become increasingly prevalent in mainstream media, but to see such a large retailer attempting to help change the image of their industry is a hopeful sign.  If we, the consumers, continue to speak out and champion such causes, other retailers will take notice.  Of course, this is part of a very strategic marketing move for American Eagle, but if they support healthy women as models and not undernourished, underweight models, then I support them.

What’s your take on all of this??  Let me hear it in the comments!

As always, thanks for reading :), Kristi

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