Back to School on a Budget | Thrift Style Thursday

Hello, friends!  I am super excited about today’s EPIC Thrift Style Thursday post because I have five – that’s right, FIVE, count ’em, FIVE!! – thrifted outfits to share with you today for our “Back to School” theme!


Oh yes, a whole week of outfit inspiration for that ever-important first week of school!  I remember going back-to-school shopping with my mom at the end of every summer, searching for that perfect this-is-so-me outfit to wear on the first day of school.

A new school year means a new classroom (or set of classrooms) and potentially a whole new set of classmates, which means it’s a chance to make a fresh impression.  These five looks are sure to set you up for the rest of the school year – casual, attainable, budget-friendly and, most important, stylish!

Let’s get started!


Day 1: polka dot tank blouse (H&M) // twirly skirt (thrifted & refashioned) // tennis shoes (Payless) // neon pink stud earrings (H&M) // statement necklace (Forever 21) // gold bracelets (handmade & ModCloth)


Day 2: denim open-back top (thrifted) // distressed jeans (American Eagle) // leather oxfords (Marshall’s) // black stud earrings (H&M) // rose gold watch (Target) // vintage belt (gift)


Day 3: white denim jacket (gift) // floral dress (thrifted) // brown moto boots (Target, old) // pink stud earrings (H&M) // vintage bangle bracelet (gift)


Day 4: boho/peasant blouse (thrifted) // white denim shorts (thrifted & refashioned) // boho cowboy booties (gift) // small drop earrings (??) // peace sign necklace (local art fair) // boho bracelets (gift & American Eagle, old)


Day 5: stripe shirt (thrifted) // chambray shortalls (American Eagle) // leather sandals (Nordstrom Rack) // turquoise stud earrings (gift) // hipster owl necklace (gift)

Phew!  I know that was A LOT, but I am super excited to share that each of those outfits featured thrifted items of clothing and they were all just hanging there in my closet (or nestled very snugly in my dresser)!  That’s right, I didn’t even go shopping this year for my back-to-school looks.  I simply reworked, remixed and restyled what I already had, and I LOVE every single outfit I came up with!

Just goes to show what you can come up with a little perseverance and creativity!  Before you go, don’t forget to check out my fellow Thrift Style Thursday-er’s and their Back to School style:

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*We’re currently re-working our Thrift Style Thursday group, and will hopefully have a Facebook page up and running soon, so you will be able to see all the amazing Thrift Style Thursday posts each week in one convenient place – stay tuned for updates!


As always, thanks so much for reading!  Love, Kristi :)

I think the most proper way to end this post is to share one of those classic “first day of school” photos that my mom took on my very first day of kindergarten – enjoy!


And just in case you wanted more of the adorable little me, here’s a picture of my grandmother as my V.I.P. guest in my kindergarten classroom.  :)


28 thoughts on “Back to School on a Budget | Thrift Style Thursday

  1. Wow! Every outfit is awesome!! Love that floral dress and especially that denim tank- love that it’s a little open on the side. Your outfits always look so effortless but genuine (if that makes any sense). I kind of wish I was going back to school now…

    1. Thanks, Martyna!! I love, love, love the unexpected open back on the denim tank! And I totally had the same thought that I wanted to go back to school just to wear my cute clothes somewhere other than work haha! ;)
      And thank you so much for your sweet compliment! I decided when I started my blog I wanted to be genuine and simply reflect my personal style, so I’m really happy to hear that that comes across!! :)

  2. GREAT post! Your double denim look is double denim done right! I have an old school pic of me in double denim on my blog today that is horrid, lol. I really love the orange striped shirt and romper! And I love seeing your old pics too!

    1. Haha yeah I was feeling a little crazy changing my outfit every five minutes but it was totally worth it!! And I hag a feeling you would go for the dress and boots look! ;)
      Thanks! :)

  3. I think Wednesday is my favorite. I just love everything about i! I’m trying the 30 for 30 day fashion challenge right now and I bet you’d be good at it, too! Lots of remixing :)

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